A Guide to Buying Scented Candles Online

Who doesn’t love that wonderfully warm feeling a perfectly scented room can bring? What can produce that feeling better than the warm glow of a quality candle? Candles, however, are one of those things that can’t just be “picked up” online without concern. How is one to find a great scented candle online with minimal risk?

Step One: Know your Candles

Candles are everywhere, and like all prolific things, there are good and bad brands to purchase. If your goal is to buy quality scented candles online, the first step must be to know your brands and to only purchase quality merchandise.

The two most widely known and respected candle makers are Salt City and Yankee Candles. While Salt City is much younger, the manufacturer is available for direct purchase online. Also, Salt City candles are available in stores, so it is possible to examine and smell them before purchasing their brand of scented candles online.

Similarly, Yankee candle has been in business longer, and is also selling their scented candles online through a manufacturer’s website. As you can see, it is not difficult to find quality scented candles online providing you are well-versed in good brands to look for.

Step Two: Know the Company

Both Salt City and Yankee candles are available through manufacturer-based websites. These candles may also be purchased through innumerable smaller websites, but the risk is a lack of merchandise guarantee and whether or not this site is a scam.

Of course, if you purchase your scented candles online from a company that is well-established like Amazon or EBay, then risk is minimized. But, if the company name is something you’ve never heard of, like Pinky’s Candles, you may want to pop over to the manufacturer’s website instead.

Yes, Pinky may offer an unbeatable deal, but the candle may well not be what you expected when you get it. That is, assuming you get it. Ask yourself: is it not worth it to spend a tiny bit more for peace of mind and security? Be a little cautious when buying scented candles online and indulge your scents by purchasing a variety of flavors. You won’t regret it!

That perfectly scented room can be yours with a little care and by following these two simple steps: know your candles and know the company. If you purchase your scented candle online from either the Salt City or the Yankee candle websites, you are assured that you will not regret it.


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