Citronella Candles Will Dissipate Mosquitoes

It’s finally summertime and the evenings are lovely. You decide to pull out the patio furniture and have a margarita on your patio as you watch the sun set. It’s lovely and quiet and then it happens, the pesky buzzing and then the slap on the leg to kill the little varmint. It’s mosquito time. Mosquitoes really do ruin quiet summer nights and that’s why every cupboard is filled with mosquito repellant.

But there is another more aromatically pleasant way to rid yourself of these pests and that is with citronella candles. All candle companies are now making citronella candles along with their lines of decorative and scented candles. Citronella is oil that is extracted from the citronella plant. It is a member of the lemongrass family, which is a natural repellant for mosquitoes. These candles come in pillars, votives, torches, buckets, glass and tapers. They can even be poured into shapes such as animals or flowers.

The Most Effective Use

Citronella candles are the most environmentally friendly way to deter biting insects and mosquitoes. They are a wonderful and safe alternative to the harsh synthetic chemicals that are used to deter the pests. Citronella candles are also very decorative on a patio or outdoor area. One citronella candle can provide protection, but to get maximum and effective protection a central grouping of citronella candles combined with citronella candle torches around the edge of the outdoor area is the most effective way to repel the pesky mites.

Placing your decorative candles at close intervals around the area you intend to use will create a screen candle effect. This will help to increase the proximity of people to the candle. The closer the person is to a citronella candle, the better protection it provides. Always be sure to put your outside citronella candles in a glass, terra cotta or metal container for maximum protection and safety. Torches that are set around the yard or patio always make a decorative statement. These candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors.

They can also be purchased in many different containers. The candles are bright and festive and playfully fit right into any outdoor function. Any major hardware store, nursery and now department store will carry citronella candles. You can even purchase them online. If you prefer making your own candles, try adding a little citronella oil to your own personal candle and enjoy the loss of mosquitoes in your yard.


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