Natural Soy Candles – A History

I don’t know what it is about candles. Is it the soft gentle light they emit? Is it the beautiful fragrance they convey to the room? Or maybe it’s the reminder of a gentler, slower way of life.
Mind you there is a down side. Candle wax all over the side board or piano. Candle wax in your best table cloth that will never come out and not forgetting hot wax on your hand as you try to carry a candle. You could always buy beeswax candles but the price tag puts them a bit out of reach for everyday use.
Well there is an affordable alternative.

Natural Soy Candles:

In the 1980s and early 90s there was a demand for a natural non petroleum based candle. The only materials available at the time were beeswax and bayberry wax. Although these were being produced in America by the ‘Candleworks’ company they were very expensive. Nobody really wanted to go back to animal fats!

Michael Richards, the founder of the company, tried combining soy oil with beeswax to reduce the cost and produced the forerunner of the natural soy candle.
And so the all natural soy candle was born! By the mid-nineties, these and other products manufactured by Candleworks were available at The Body Shop.

Natural Soy Candles to eat:

In 1996, a further development occurred in the natural soy candles story when a group of students from The University of Purdue won a competition to produce an edible candle, which of course they made from soy. Now I’ve no idea why anyone would want to eat a candle, but they were such a success that they were later marketed by the Indiana Soybean board under the brand name ‘Harvest Lights’. And so the all natural soy candle had arrived.

All natural soy candles have many advantages

They burn more efficiently
They are less expensive that beeswax
You can clean up any residue with soap and water
They leave behind a beautiful fragrance when they burn
They produce no soot or nasty chemicals

It has to be said that in-spite of all the advantages of using all natural soy candles, they are still a bit hard to find. If you look around on line or in speciality shops I am sure you will find some. Persevere because it will be worth the effort to experience life with all natural soy candles.


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